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Icon Suzerain Bonus.png

If a Civilization sends enough Icon Envoy.png Envoys to a City-State, the city-state will declare that civilization as their Suzerain. Each city-state will have no more than one suzerain at a time. Each city-state has a unique icon and Suzerain bonus.

See City-States for information on unique bonuses obtained when becoming the Suzerain for any given City-State.

Suzerain Requirements[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • The city-state follows you into war and peace with other players.
  • Your units may enter city-state lands.
  • Your Builder units may improve city-state tiles.
  • See 3 tiles around the city-state.
  • Can pay Icon main gold.png Gold to temporarily take control of the city-state's military.
  • Gain ownership of all the city-state's resources.