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Icon unit english redcoat.png
Movement Icon moves.png 2
Melee Strength Melee Strength 65
Production Cost Icon main production.png Icon main production.png

The Redcoat is one of the Unique Units in Civilization VI.

Description[edit | edit source]

The famous (or infamous, depending on which side you stood) Redcoats, British infantrymen dressed in garish red ensembles, were Britain’s stalwart fighting force throughout the majority of its reign as a world superpower. Redcoats were shipped off to do battle for the Monarch in far off lands such as America, Zululand, India, Egypt and more. Even though the loud uniforms made these individuals easy targets for their foes, the rationale was that blood stains were disheartening to the men and so the red clothing would hide this. It did not, as blood does in fact show on red clothing as a black stain.

Bonus[edit | edit source]

Redcoats are stronger when fighting away from the Capitals continent. They can also disembark without using a Movement Point.