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The Nuclear Submarine is one of the Units in Civilization VI.

Nuclear Submarine
Icon unit nuclear submarine.png
Nuclear Submarine
Type Naval Combat
Movement Icon moves.png 4
Melee Strength Melee Strength 80
Ranged Strength Ranged Strength 85
Attack Range Range 2
Promotion Class Raider
Production Cost 680 Icon main production.png
Purchase Cost 680 Icon main gold.png
Technology Telecommunications
Resource Uranium
Maintenance Cost 8 Icon main gold.png
Upgrades From Submarine
Highly advanced Information Era ranged raiding naval unit that can be armed with nuclear weapons. Cannot be seen unless adjacent to it. Resembles an Astute class Russian submarine.


+50   Gold from coastal raids.
Obtain   Gold from naval victories.
  Swift Keel
+1   Movement.
  Homing Torpedoes
+10   Combat Strength vs. naval units.
+1 sight range.
  Silent Running
Can move after attacking.
+1 additional attack per turn.