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The Modern AT is one of the Units in Civilization VI.

Modern AT
Icon unit modern at.png
Modern AT
Type Land Combat
Movement Icon moves.png 2
Melee Strength Melee Strength 80
Promotion Class Anti Cavalry
Production Cost 580 Icon main production.png
Purchase Cost 580 Icon main gold.png
Technology Composites
Maintenance Cost 8 Icon main gold.png
Upgrades From AT Crew
Information Era counter to cavalry class units. Resembles a modern U.S Soldier with a Javelin launcher.


+5   Combat Strength vs. cavalry units.
+10   Combat Strength vs. melee units.
Double   Combat Strength when occupying the same hex as a support unit.
+10   Combat Strength when defending vs. melee class units.
+1   Movement.
  Choke Points
+7   Combat Strength when defending in Woods, Jungle, Hills, or Marsh.
  Hold the Line
Adjacent units of a different class get +10   Combat Strength vs. cavalry.