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Icon unit helicopter portrait.png
Type Land Combat
Movement Icon moves.png 4
Melee Strength Icon strength.png 82
Promotion Class Light Cavalry
Production Cost 600 Icon main production.png
Purchase Cost 600 Icon main gold.png
Technology Synthetic Materials
Maintenance Cost 7 Icon main gold.png
Upgrades From Cavalry
Fast-moving Atomic Era light cavalry unit. Resembles the UH-1 Huey.

The Helicopter is one of the Units in Civilization VI.


Icon promotion caparison.png Caparison
+5 Icon map pin strength.png Combat Strength vs. Anti Cavalry.
Icon promotion coursers.png Coursers
+5 Icon map pin strength.png Combat Strength when attacking ranged and siege units.
Icon promotion depredation.png Depredation
Pillaging costs only 1 Icon map pin movement.png Movement point.
Icon promotion double envelopment.png Double Envelopment
2x flanking bonus.
Icon promotion pursuit.png Pursuit
+1 Icon map pin movement.png Movement.
Icon promotion spiking the guns.png Spiking the Guns
+7 Icon map pin strength.png Combat Strength vs. siege units.
Icon promotion forward observers.png Forward Observers
Formation units all inherit escort's Icon map pin movement.png Movement speed.
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