Great Prophet

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Great Prophet

Great Prophets are one of the types of Icon unitcommand activate great person.png Great People in Civilization VI. They are a special type of Great Person that are limited from the game's start, and are used to found a religion. Great Prophets do not have individualized effects. Once you have earned a Great Prophet, send them to your Holy Site (or Stonehenge) to found your religion. For more on this, see the Religion section of this manual. Great Prophets are no longer available when starting the game in the Industrial Era or later.

List of Great Prophets[edit | edit source]

Name Era
Adi Shankara Medieval Era
Bodhidharma Medieval Era
Confucius Classical Era
Francis of Assisi Renaissance Era
Haji Huud Renaissance Era
Irenaeus Medieval Era
John the Baptist Classical Era
Laozi Classical Era
Madhva Acharya Renaissance Era
Martin Luther Renaissance Era
O no Yasumaro Medieval Era
Siddhartha Gautama Classical Era
Simon Peter Classical Era
Songtsan Gampo Medieval Era
Thomas Aquinas Renaissance Era
Zoroaster Classical Era