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The Frigate is one of the Units in Civilization VI.

Icon unit frigate.png
Type Naval Combat
Movement Icon moves.png 4
Melee Strength Melee Strength 45
Ranged Strength Ranged Strength 55
Attack Range Range 2
Promotion Class Ranged
Production Cost 280 Icon main production.png
Purchase Cost 280 Icon main gold.png
Technology Square Rigging
Maintenance Cost 5 Icon main gold.png
Upgrades From Quadrireme
Upgrades To Battleship
Renaissance Era ranged naval unit.


  Line Of Battle
+7   Combat Strength vs. naval units.
+7   Combat Strength vs. district defenses.
  Preparatory Fire
+7   Combat Strength vs. land units.
  Rolling Barrage
+10   Combat Strength vs. district defenses.
  Supply Fleet
Heal outside of friendly territory.
  Proximity Fuses
+7   Combat Strength when defending vs. air attacks.
  Coincidence Rangefinding
+1   Range.