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(→‎Notes: The factory also shares the production bonus to nearby cities. Reworded for clarity.)
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* This replaces the regular [[Factory]] in an [[Industrial Zone]] and provides bonus production as well as [[Culture]] to nearby Cities, not just it's home city.
* This replaces the regular [[Factory]] in an [[Industrial Zone]], providing its [[Culture]] bonus in addition to production to nearby Cities.

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Electronics Factory
Icon building electronics factory.png
Electronics Factory
Base Cost Icon main production.png 237
Era Industrial Era
Provides +2 Icon Culture.png Culture
+3 Icon main production.png Production,
+1 Great Engineer Point per turn
Technology Icon Industrialization.png Industrialization
"A building unique to Japan. Bonus is extended to all cities within 6 tiles."

The Electronics Factory is one of the Unique Buildings from Japan in Civilization VI.

Description[edit | edit source]

With the invention of consumer electronics in the late 20th Century, Japan quickly became home to the largest electronics industry in the entire world. The first modern electronics factory was built by Sony in 1946, and Japanese innovations since have kept the country most profitable in what is easily the most competitive consumer landscape mankind has ever seen.

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