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Icon Suzerain Bonus.png

City-States, previously introduced in Civilization V, are singular cities that act independent of the player and rival Leaders in Civilization VI. They have their own political relationships, can engage in War, and provide players a means of diplomacy outside of dealing with the major Civilizations. In Civilization VI, City-States are much more streamlined over their Civilization V counterparts, and feature updated Quests that become visible after a player sends an Icon Envoy.png Envoy there. Completing a City-State’s quests earn additional Envoys there, which help you enact more influence and earn greater rewards as you continue to strengthen your relationship that particular City-State.

Civilizations still gain Influence with City-States, but a civilization's relationship with a City-State is now determined by the number of Icon Envoy.png Envoys that the civilization has allocated to that City-State. Envoys are earned over time with Influence (which in turn can be increased through certain government and social policy types), and can also be earned through City-State quests or other special effects. City-States grant bonus yields (based on type) to civilizations that have sent Envoys; more Envoys earn more bonuses from the City-State. A civilization that has sent at least 3 Envoys can become "Suzerain" for that City-State, and earn a special bonus unique to that City-State. If more than one civilization has sent 3 Envoys, then whichever has the most becomes Suzerain. There can be only one Suzerain for a given City-State at a time. City-States follow their Suzerain into war and peace with other players. The Suzerain receives all Resources the city-state owns, and may also pay Icon main gold.png Gold to temporarily take control of the city-state's Units. Each city-state has a unique icon and Suzerain bonus.

Types + Bonuses[edit | edit source]

The City-States Types + Bonuses
Icon Type Color District Built With 1 Envoy With 3 Envoys With 6 Envoys
Icon citystate faith.png
Religious White Holy Site +2 Faith in Capital +2 Faith in every Holy Site district Additional +2 Faith in every Holy Site district
Icon citystate industrial.png
Industrial Brown Industrial Zone +2 Production in the Capital when producing wonders, buildings, and districts +2 Production in every Industrial Zone district when producing wonders, buildings, and districts Additional +2 Production in every Industrial Zone district when producing wonders, buildings and districts
Icon citystate militaristic.png
Militaristic Red Encampment +2 Production in the Capital when producing units. +2 Production in every Encampment district when producing units. Additional +2 Production in every Encampment district when producing units.
Icon citystate science.png
Scientific Blue Campus +2 Science in Capital +2 Science in every Campus district Additional +2 Science in every Campus district
Icon citystate trade.png
Trade Yellow Commercial Hub +4 Gold in Capital +4 Gold in every Commercial Hub district Additional +4 Gold in every Commercial Hub district
Icon citystate culture.png
Cultural Purple Theater Square +2 Culture in the Capital +2 Culture in every Theater Square district Additional +2 Culture in every Theater Square district

City State Info[edit | edit source]

  • There's a brand new City-State Diplomacy interaction, and the Influence bar has been removed, instead you send Icon Envoy.png Envoys to City-States.
  • You gain tiered bonuses depending on the amount of envoys you assign to a City-State and their City-State Type.
  • Completing a City-State Quest adds 1 additional Icon Envoy.png Envoy to that City-State. This Envoy is subject to the same mechanics as manually added Envoys. Also the City-State City immediately expands territory by 1 tile (possibly other boosts as well?).
  • Each City-State can have at most 1 quest active at a time. New City-State quests are awarded upon first encounter with the City-State and every time an era is advanced there after. Era dependant Quests are replaced by new quests upon era advancement. City-State Quests are failed if either the City-State declares war on the player or if the goal is no longer achievable.
  • City-State Quests with the goal of boosting a specific Civic or Technology do not care how the Player achieves the boost. Completing the Civic or Technology before achieving any boost will result in Quest failure as the quest goal is no longer achievable.
  • City-State military forces will automatically hunt down and destroy nearby Barbarian encampments. Barbarian activity might overwhelm the City-State and prevent it from amassing a military and from developing its territory.
  • City-States are subject to Amenity mechanics. Large population City-State Cities might have enough Amenity deficit to cause rebel units to spawn.
  • Each City-State will only ever build 1 district in their City. The type of the district built is appropriate for the type of the city state.

List Of City-States[edit | edit source]

Each of the City-States will have a unique bonus, which will be given once a player has influenced the city-state enough. To gain influence, you can send Icon Envoy.png Envoys to the city-state, to which the city-state will then provide you with different bonuses depending on your influence over them. You can also rent a city-state's military for a period of time, if you are its Suzerain.

The City-States and their Bonuses
Icon City-State Name City-State Type Suzerain City-State Bonus
Icon civilization amsterdam.png
Amsterdam Trade Your Icon stats land trade.png routes to foreign cities earn +1 Icon main gold.png for each luxury resource at the destination. Removed in rise and fall.
Antananarivo Cultural Your Civilization gains +2% Icon Culture.png Culture for each Great Person it has ever earned.
Armagh Religious Your Builders can now make Monastery improvements.
Auckland Industrial Shallow water tiles worked by Icon citizen.png Citizens provide +1 Icon main production.png Production. Additional +1 Icon main production.png Production when you reach the Industrial Era
Icon civilization brussels.png
Brussels Industrial Your cities get +15% Icon main production.png Production toward wonders.
Icon civilization buenos aires.png
Buenos Aires Industrial Your bonus resources behave like Luxury resources, providing 1 Icon Amenities.png Amenity per type.
Icon civilization carthage.png
Carthage Militaristic Your Encampment districts provide +1 Icon stats land trade.png Trade Route capacity each.
Icon civilization geneva.png
Geneva Scientific Your cities earn +15% Icon main science.png Science whenever you are not at war with any civilization.
Granada Militaristic Your Builders can now make Alcázar improvements.
Icon civilization hattusa.png
Hattusa Scientific Provides 1 of each Strategic Resource you have revealed but do not currently own.
Icon civilization hong kong.png
Hong Kong Industrial Your cities get +20% Icon main production.png Production towards city projects.
Icon civilization jakarta.png
Jakarta Trade Your Trading Posts in foreign cities provide +1 Icon main gold.png Gold to your Icon stats land trade.png Trade Route passing through.
Icon civilization jerusalem.png
Jerusalem Religious Automatically converts to the Religion you founded, and exerts pressure for that Religion as if it was a Holy City.
Icon civilization kabul.png
Kabul Militaristic Your units receive double experience from battles they initiate.
Icon civilization kandy.png
Kandy Religious Receive a Icon Relic.png Relic every time you discover a new Natural Wonder, and earn +50% Icon Faith.png Faith from all Icon Relic.png Relics.
Icon civilization kumasi.png
Kumasi Cultural Your Icon stats land trade.png Trade Routes to any City-State provide +2 Icon Culture.png Culture and +1 Icon main gold.png Gold for every specialty district in the origin city.
Icon civilization la venta.png
La Venta Religious Your Builders can now make Colossal Head Improvements.
Icon civilization lisbon.png
Lisbon Trade Your Trader Units are immune to being plundered on Water Tiles.
Icon civilization mohenjo daro.png
Mohenjo-Daro Cultural Your Cities have full Icon housing.png Housing from Water as if they were all next to a River.
Muscat Trade +1 Icon Amenities.png Amenity in cities with a Commercial Hub District
Icon civilization nan madol.png
Nan Madol Cultural Your districts on or next to Coast tiles provide +2 Icon Culture.png Culture.
Palenque Scientific City growth rate is 15% higher in cities with a Campus District
Icon civilization preslav.png
Preslav Militaristic Your light and heavy cavalry units have +5 Icon Attack Strength.png strength when fighting on Hills tiles.
Icon civilization seoul.png
Seoul Scientific When you enter a new Era, earn 1 random Eureka from that Era. Removed in rise and fall.
Icon civilization stockholm.png
Stockholm Scientific Your districts provide +1 Icon unitcommand activate great person.png Great Person point of their type (Great Writer, Great Artist, and Great Musician for Theater Square districts).
Icon civilization toronto.png
Toronto Industrial Regional effects from your Industrial Zone and Entertainment Complex Districts reach 3 Tiles farther.
Icon civilization valletta.png
Valletta Militaristic City center buildings and encampment district buildings can be bought with faith. Cost of purchasing Ancient and Medieval and Renaissance walls is reduced, but they can only be bought with faith
Icon civilization vilnius.png
Vilnius Cultural When you enter a new Era, earn 1 random Inspiration from that Era.
Icon civilization yerevan.png
Yerevan Religious Your Apostle units can choose from any possible promotion instead of receiving a random promotion.
Icon civilization zanzibar.png
Zanzibar Trade Receive the Cinnamon and Cloves as Luxury Resources. These cannot be earned any other way in the game, and provide 6 Icon Amenities.png Amenities each.