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Civ First Look

China is one of the known Civilizations in Civilization VI.

In Civilization 6, each Civilization has two Abilities. One is based on what the nation has done throughout history and the other is tailored to what happened during the ruler's reign. China's Special Civ Ability is called Dynastic Cycles, they get a larger boost from Eurekas and inspirations compared to other Civs. Qin is a ruler who gets things done. His Builders receive an additional use and he can use Builders to boost construction on ancient and classical Wonders.

The Chinese Unique Unit is the Crouching Tiger Cannon. This high power short-range unit doesn't require specific Resources to produce.

The Great Wall has returned in Civilization VI, but now it is a Unique Tile Improvement for the Chinese. At the start of the game it will provide defense and gold and as you advance through time it will give you bonus Culture and Icon Tourism.png Tourism. Keep in mind that because it's a tile improvement you'll have to keep dedicating Builders to the task of expanding it, just like in history.

Like Egypt China is a Wonder focused Civ in the early game, but unlike Egypt, China can be much more defensive and insular.

The Great Wall will be a formidable barrier to protect you in the early game. How will you rule the Middle Kingdom in Sid Meier's Civilization VI?

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Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon.jpg Crouching Tiger Hidden Cannon Playing as China, end a turn with 5 Crouching Tigers on Great Wall tiles
Elixir of Immortability.jpg Elixir of Immortability Win a regular game as Qin Shi Huang